New Sister Site Launched

We have launched a new site!

We are keeping this site as a personal log of our journeys, but we decided we wanted to create a new web page where we can share more of our interests, information, ideas, dreams, thoughts, and news, etc. This new page will be geared more towards those interested in the yachty, boats, cruising aspects of what we are doing and of course, anyone who has ever dreamed of throwing off the dock lines and sailing away from safe harbor.

So, head on over to Cruisers Nation - but please continue to come back here for the latest on our personal journey! We will still be posting more personal notes below so scroll down for the latest!

Love to all,

Ken, Tammy, & Sandler

Still In Panama City - No oil yet...

We are still in Panama City and have decided to stay in the area for a while. Tammy has started a new job and I am looking for one. The last month has been a good one. Tammy's parents came down for a day the weekend after we arrived and got to see the boat for the first time. Then we rode back with them to Montgomery, AL to spend a week relaxing on land.

While in Montgomery AL, we got to see good friends and they agreed to come down to Panama City to visit with us. Though, they weren't too sure about staying on the boat so we rented an incredibly good priced nice condo for the weekend.

Even though we all did a little too much celebrating the night before and weren't feeling 100%, we were still able to sail over to Shell Island the next day and anchor among tons of other boats enjoying the still clean beaches of the Gulf.

From Tori and Matt Visit the Boat

From Tori and Matt Visit the Boat

From Tori and Matt Visit the Boat

From Tori and Matt Visit the Boat

On our way back to the marina from the beach and anchorage we saw someone that obviously didn't have as good a day as we did.

From Tori and Matt Visit the Boat

Thanks for coming to visit Tammy's Mom and Dad and Matt and Tori!